About The Foundation

Welcome to the Islamic Orphanage foundation official website. The foundation was concepted at a popular islamic radio programme on kwara state radio..

Knowing The Members

Islamic Orphanage foundation comprises of muslim elites of different professional backgrounds but of the same faith,ideology and understanding.

Services and Responsibilities

Our Services include Da'awah and Education/Vocational Services. The Foundation Da’awah Team handles matters on religion, spiritual and sheriah matters as they affect the Orphans and widows in particular.


"O you who believe ! Spend of that with which We have provided for you,before a Day comes when there will be no bargaining ,nor friendship,nor intercession." Q2:254


Islamic Orphanage Foundation Retreat 2016

The IOF retreat came to an end with special prayer for all our stakeholders may Allah accept all our efforts and crown it with Janaatul Firdaous

Legal Matter

Due to the crucial nature of the issue concerning the orphans, widows, guardians and relations of the deceased, the foundations, in addition to proffering moral and financial solution to their numero


Addess: 8, Minna Road Adewole Estate, Ilorin,Kwara State



Account Information:
  • Account Name:kukqigvu
  • Bank Account Number: 4111111111111111
  • Bank Name:axvgjnwq

"And whatever you spend in good,surely,Allah knows well"Q2:273